RTI Radio Taiwan InternationalRTI Radio Taiwan InternationalThe Story of Taiwan's Black Tea

  • 08 May, 2021

Taiwan has plenty of world-renowned teas. But until recently, black tea was not among them. Sure, Taiwan’s black tea was long widely exported. But until not that long ago, this was just cheap swill for foreigners. No one here would drink it. When the foreign markets collapsed in the 1970’s, Taiwan’s unappreciated black tea might well have disappeared. But the work of a team of local scientists and farmers has seen black tea’s fortunes not just revive but prosper here in Taiwan. Today, black tea has taken its place in the pantheon of teas connoisseurs associate with Taiwan. The journey of black tea from to Taiwan’s shores and from Taiwanese boom to bust to boom again is the subject of a new exhibit at the Pinglin Tea Museum. The museum’s director joins me today for a look at a long-ignored Taiwanese treasure that’s finally gotten its due.