RTI Radio Taiwan InternationalRTI Radio Taiwan InternationalTaiwan and Tuvalu: Pacific Partners

  • 01 January, 2022

Among Taiwan’s small circle of diplomatic allies, the Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu is perhaps the least understood by the outside world. This collection of tropical atolls measures 26km2 around when put together. It is often called the world’s least-visited country. You’ll have a difficult time getting there, as there aren’t flights on most days. And your chances of meeting a Tuvaluan by chance are slim, too: there are only around 12,000 in the world. The uniqueness and isolation of this country are fascinating, but no one should assume that these mean Tuvalu is closed-off. Diplomatic ties with Taiwan are especially warm: until recently, Taiwan’s embassy was the only foreign mission in Tuvalu, and Taipei is home to one of the world’s only Tuvaluan embassies abroad. How do Taiwan and Tuvalu conduct diplomacy with one another? And why are ties between them so close, especially during a period when Taiwan has lost a number of other allies to China? Last week, Tuvalu’s ambassador to Taiwan, Her Excellency Limasene Teatu gave us some idea of how the two sides cooperate and what benefits each side gets from their relationship. This week, she is back to tell us about what’s been achieved during her period as ambassador, plus what it is that keeps Taiwan and Tuvalu close together.