Meet Renaissance dance master Ozan Karagöz (Part 1)

  • 22 May, 2023
RtiFM Online: Come Along!
Ozan dancing in historic dress with live music by The Gleam Ensemble in one of his dance workshops in Taiwan. (Photo: The Gleam Ensemble)

Hi there, it’s your host, Sharon Lin. Today we have a very special guest coming all the way from Türkiye. Meet Ozan Karagöz. Ozan is an early music musician, dancer, singer, and harpist. Ozan was invited by The Gleam Ensemble to Taiwan for several musical performances and dance workshops. I was in two of his wonderful Renaissance dance workshops and it was so much fun. How did Ozan step into the world of historic dance? What are some features of Renaissance dance that people might find surprising? Let’s jump right into it.