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Leader? Follower? - You define the role! ft. Jason Hsu of Switch Taipei

  • 12 February, 2024
Come Along!
Thanks for stopping by, Jason. (Photo: Sharon Lin)

Picture a partner dance. What image would you think of? Who is usually the leader or follower in the dance Lindy Hop, for example? Today, we have Jason Hsu, founder of Switch Taipei, a group that's dedicated to creating a LGBTQAI+ friendly community in Swing Dance, especially Lindy Hop, in Taiwan. Lindy Hop originated from the African American community, and this month, February, is also Black History Month in the United States. Jason would also share with us why it's important to know the history of dances you're learning, especially in Taiwan. Everything is connected to everything. Shall we dance? 

You can follow Jason's work here:

Instagram @switchtaipei_pridevoice

Podcast: Pride Voice/Swing大小事