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The future of the metaverse: Virtual harassment and the neglection of social connections? ft. Sebastien Borget

  • 06 February, 2024
Hot Stuff
Sebastien in the Rti studio.

On today's episode of Hot Stuff, I am joined again by ⁠The Sandbox⁠ COO and Co-founder, Sebastien Borget. If you missed part one, and aren't too sure what The Sandbox is all about, go and check that out now! For our second part today, we're going to be getting into some of the concerns and moral debates surrounding crypto, gaming, and the metaverse. Can humans really make connections and forge relationships in virtual worlds that are comparable to those in real life? How do you prevent virtual harassment? Why should people still want to use The Sandbox given the instability of crypto? Sebastien will give his thoughts on all these topics and more. 

Sebastien was recently in Taipei for The Sandbox Creator Meet-up which was part of Taipei’s Blockchain Week in mid-December 2023. This interview was recorded then.