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On showing vulnerability, empathy, and solidarity

  • 31 January, 2024
That's Debatable
Sharon in her Palestinian Thobe Dress made by Fatimah J. who’s originally from Ramallah. Fatimah’s family were forced out of Palestine in 1967 and made their way to Jordan. The dress is made by Palestinian refugees in Jordan in Fatimah’s workshop. (Photo: Andrew Wu)

"What is a fact in Arabic
is debatable in English,
contentious. Thing is, I couldn't care less. Say evict & I'll still say theft." 
Those are the words by Palestinian writer Mohammad el-Kurd, in his poetry book, Rifqa, which I finished reading last week. 

Today is an episode with just you and I. Think of this as a checking-in episode. How are you? Let's share some moments of vulnerability, empathy, and solidarity together, shall we?