Tory Turk on her journey to curation

  • 03 March, 2023
RtiFM Online: Uncovered
Tory Turk photographed by James Hyman. (Photo: James Hyman)

Tory Turk is an independent curator who specialises in style and popular culture. She has worked on several major exhibitions in the UK including ‘The Jam: About The Young Idea’ and ‘No Comply’ at Somerset House. Tory has also managed key archive projects for renowned make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury and hair-stylist Sam McKnight. She has even curated exhibitions for the Korean Culture Centre in the UK. Tory is currently co-founder and creative lead at HYMAG formerly known as the Hyman Archive which is the world’s largest magazine collection. In today's episode we talk about how Tory got into curation, how it has developed as a field, and the power exhibitions have to turn stereotypes on their head.