Jenny Jamieson on uncovering the stories of Scottish women in Taiwan

  • 24 March, 2023
RtiFM Online: Uncovered
Jenny Jamieson (far left) is pictured with Mrs Siau, Mrs So, and Mrs Lông, who like Eliza and Elizabeth from Jenny's storybooks, are also the wives of Presbyterian ministers' in Taiwan. (Photo: Jenny)

Today on Uncovered, I am bringing you part 1 of my interview with Jenny Jamieson (陳韻如). Jenny is a Taiwanese-born author who has spent the last twenty years living in Scotland. Her passion for Taiwanese and Scottish culture, and the connections they have shared in history, provide the inspiration for her unique story books. In Jenny's books, she tells the stories of two Scottish Presbyterian women and their influence in Taiwan, during the late 19th Century. The stories are not only accompanied by colorful illustrations, but each book also includes both English and Taiwanese. Hit play to find out what led Jenny to uncover these stories, the history of Presybterianism in Taiwan, and its link between the Taiwanese language.