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Claw culture: A peek into Peggy's artistry ft. Peggy Chen

  • 09 February, 2024
Taiwan Uncovered
Peggy Chen in the Rti studio.

For today’s Lunar New Year’s Eve episode, we have a very special and exciting guest – Peggy Chen. Peggy is a nail tech based in Taipei, who takes nail art to a whole other level. From cat-eye claws to designs based on a Memphis-style teapot and a 1970s pajazzo glass vase, Peggy doesn't just do nails – she transforms them into works of art. Her work has caught the eyes of Taiwan's Hypbeast and 混著MIXFITmag and has graced the cover of Taiwan Vogue.

In this episode, we're diving deep into Peggy's journey, inspirations, and tight-knit community. Get ready to experience the magic of getting your nails done by Peggy Chen herself, as she takes us through the process. Plus, she'll be sharing invaluable tips on running and building your own business. Hit play now!

You can check out Peggy's Instagram here