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'My 14-year-old self' Dancer Tseng Chung-lung: My world turned upside down after a single trip to the restroom

  • 05 September, 2023
The Reporter for Kids - Who's in the News?
The Reporter for Kids - Who's in the News?

2023 marks the 50th anniversary for the founding of Cloud Gate Dance Theater. Three years ago, I took over the role as the Artistic Director from Mr. Lin Hwai-min. Not long after that, COVID-19 broke out and many people have wondered how I would carry on the incredible legacy Mr. Lin Hwai-min has gifted to the world. In fact, my background vastly differs from that of Mr. Lin Hwai-min's, making any efforts to compare and duplicate his genius impossible. All that I am able to do is to continue to choreograph dances in my own style, communicating my movements to the audience and hope that I would be able to convey the power of dance to the people. The gift of dance provided an opportunity for me to return to the right track, putting behind the encounter I had with drug abuse in my youth.