Taiwan homeschool education

  • 13 September, 2020
Tim Chen (Screenshot from Tim Chen Facebook)
Home schooling outdoor activity (Photo by Tim Chen)
Home schooling (Photo by Tim Chen)
A small library at home (Photo by Tim Chen)

Tim Chen, Chief Organizer of Taiwan Homeschool and founder of Taiwan Homeschool Advocates said home education is a way of learning outside established school institutions adding that Taiwan has been quite successful in the area of home school education as compared to other countries and areas such as China and Hong Kong where home education is banned and in Japan, it is not recognized by the government. In Taiwan, because of the passage of the law, the rights of home school-educated children are legally protected and they have access to school facilities such as clubs, swimming pools, etc. And if the children are between 15 and 18, they can receive a subsidy of around USD$ 2,000 per year from the government. Homeschooling has been legalized in Taiwan since June 1999. Thanks to home school education advocates such as Tim Chen who said he had to attend a lot of meetings, public hearings, write articles in the newspapers, produce documentaries, etc.