2020 Year in Review

  • 27 December, 2020

This week’s On the Line features 2020 Year in Review. We take a look back at segments of some of the important interviews that you may have missed in 2020. he year 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us as we suffer from COVID-19 so we begin with a part of the interview with the Superintendent, Changhua Christian Hospital, Dr.Chen Mukuan on how his hospital started to cope with COVID-19 back in 2019 when the first case was detected.

Other segments of the interviews include interviews with the founder of Synchronized Swimming Association of Taiwan, Julia Starch: Patrick Earl, Executive Director of the Diplomacy Training Program in Australia talks about how they have promoted human rights during the last 3 decades.: The World Vegetable Center is located in the southern part of Taiwan and the head of communications and information, Maureen Mecozzi tells us how the Center works with local NGOs with the training.:The interview with the Ambassador of Guatemala, Amb.Willy Gomez was conducted in March and Amb.Willy Gomez tells us how his government dealt with the prevention of the virus.: Misinfomation was widely spread during the early period of the pandemic, Summer Chen, editor of Taiwan Fact Check Center talks about how her center debunks disinformation.:Cedric alviani, East Asia Bureau of Reporters without Border talks about the passage of Hong Kong Security Law and the his remarks he made during the interview in July echoed what happened in December as 8 of the pro-democracy activists were detained for taking part in security law-related protests: The Ambassador of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Andrea Bowman said as of September 18, her country is COVID free.:German Chambers of Commerce abroad conducted a flash survey among 140 locations in 92 countries in June and the survey shows German companies remain committed to Taiwan and the executive director of German Trade Office in Taipei Axel Limbourg elaborates on that.