Music by Cheng Chuen-ying

  • 24 September, 2014
Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes
Music by Cheng Chuen-ying

Cheng Chuen-ying is a famous guzheng (Chinese zither) virtuoso and she  graduated from Nanjing University of Arts in mainland China. Hong Kong Arts Center has held many Chen Chuen-ying solo recitals and ensembles. In 1983,  the Chuen Ying Arts Centre was established in Hong Kong by famous musicians including Chai-man Cheng, a di and xiao master and Cheng Chuen-ying. In 1997, the Vancouver Chuen Ying Arts Centre in Canada was established by Cheng Chuen-ying and she invites performers from Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong to perform in the US and Canada regularly.