RTI Radio Taiwan InternationalRTI Radio Taiwan InternationalSoong Mei-ling's favorite cake

  • 17 October, 2020
Feast Meets West
Steamed red adzuki bean glutinous rice bread, Madame Soong Mei-ling's favorite cake. (photo courtesy of Andrew Ryan)

Former first lady of the Republic of China, Soong Mei-ling, had a favorite cake made of glutinous rice and sweet, red adzuki beans. In today's Feast Meets West, Andrew attempts to make that cake for Ellen Chu. But little does he know: her mother used to make that very cake for her father!


Today’s menu: In our first course, we’ll tell you all about Soong Mei-ling, the wife of Chiang Kai-shek, and the palace that she built in RTI’s back yard! In our second course Andrew heads into the test kitchen to create her favorite cake. And in our third and final course, we’ll be sampling that sweet treat right here in the studio! Will it taste the same as Ellen remembers it?