Palate Cleanser

  • 02 January, 2021
Pickled ginger makes the perfect palate cleanser to begin the year 2021. (Photo by Andrew Ryan)

What better way to remove the taste of 2020, and begin the year 2021, than with a palate cleanser?! But what kinds of palate cleansers can you find in East Asian cuisine? Look no further than Japanese pickled ginger, which offers the perfect transition in between servings of sashimi and sushi!


Today’s menu: In our first course, Andrew heads into the Feast Meets West test kitchen to make a pickled ginger palate cleanser. In our second course we’ll cleanse our palates, and talk about some of the most popular searches people have been doing about the year 2021. And in our third and final course, our new year’s resolutions. How did we do this past year? And what are our resolutions for 2020?