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  • 15 September, 2020
Hear in Taiwan
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts at Weiwuying (Photo by Andrés Gallardo Albajar)

Today is the first episode of Hear in Taiwan that's being offered both via radio and Facebook Live. If you'd like to watch this episode, you'll find it here on the Radio Taiwan International fan page: https://www.facebook.com/RadioTaiwanInternational/videos/372343717093753


As for some of the topics in today's show: 

- 23 people get stuck in elevators at Xinyi department store 

- A study from Oxford University says Taiwan disproves the idea that countries have to choose between health and the economy when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 

- There's an increasing number of sea turtle nests are across Taiwan (Leslie)

- Some parents are saying that a book recommended by the Education Ministry will turn their kids gay

- Six Taiwanese buildings receive international architecture awards