Variety Status Update

Status Update

Status Update is RTI's most interactive program, and your entries are what make the program exciting! Each week, we select letters from our worldwide listeners to read on the air. 

Did you listen to our program online or through shortwave? Send us comments and suggestions here to our email here: [email protected] 

What's On

27 December, 2022
Newest team member

On Status Update, Shirley Lin is paired up for the first time with the newest addition to the Rti English team, Chris Gorin to read listeners' letters ...more

20 December, 2022
Rain, yuck!

On Status Update, Sharon Lin and Shirley Lin talk about how they don't like rain when it's been raining for two weeks straight in Taipei and then toge ...more

13 December, 2022
Avid letter writer turned host

On Status Update, find out a new secret from a new host in the English Service. ...more

06 December, 2022
New shows coming up

On Status Update, Shirley Lin pairs up with Michelle Chiang to read listeners' letters from Egypt and Bangladesh. Together, they also update their per ...more

29 November, 2022
World Cup fever in Taiwan

On Status Update, Tomasz Koper talks about watching the World Cup with friends and gives an update to his visit to the Wine and Spirits Festival, and ...more

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