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Status Update

Status Update is RTI's most interactive program, and your entries are what make the program exciting! Each week, we select letters from our worldwide listeners to read on the air. 

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What's On

13 December, 2016
Hot spots from old days till now

John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin talk about three more hot tourist spots, some still existing, in Taiwan from 1927 till now, on Status Update.   Pho ...more

06 December, 2016
Taiwan's 10 wonders from history

Join Shirley Lin and John Van Trieste as they embark on a tour of ten wonders from Taiwan's historical past, on Status Update.   Photo uploaded to W ...more

29 November, 2016
Find out what's Shirley busy with

Besides finding out what Shirley Lin is up to "near" end of the year, tune in to Status Update to join Shirley and John Van Trieste to hear letters an ...more

22 November, 2016
Winner for month of November

Join John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin on Status Update as they introduce the best place to visit in New Taipei City, as well as announce the winner fo ...more

15 November, 2016
3 more in New Taipei

A look at three more worth visiting places in New Taipei City with John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin on Status Update.   Photo credit: http://bit.ly/ ...more

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