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Status Update is RTI's most interactive program, and your entries are what make the program exciting! Each week, we select letters from our worldwide listeners to read on the air. 

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What's On

31 May, 2016
Which FB post got the most reaches?

Join John Van Trieste, Shirley Lin and Jake Chen in the fifth week's episode of Status Update for May, as they talk about grim reaper, additions to Ta ...more

24 May, 2016
What's the most important to Taiwanese new mothers?

Find out as John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin round off the most important thing on the Taiwan Top Ten list of traditions and customs followed by Taiwa ...more

17 May, 2016

What is it that you need to keep hush hush about when a Taiwanese mother gets pregnant? Find out on this week's Status Update in the Taiwan Top Ten se ...more

10 May, 2016
No washing hair for new mothers?

Find out on this week's Status Update with John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin what some Taiwanese new mothers do instead of shampooing their hair after ...more

03 May, 2016
Taiwanese customs surrounding motherhood

For the month celebrating Mother's Day, join John Van Trieste and Shirley Lin to learn about customs surrounding motherhood in Taiwan, on Status Updat ...more

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