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English Service host John Van Trieste is curious. There’s nothing about Taiwan’s many cultures that he doesn’t want to know more about. Join him every week as he gets to the bottom of yet another question. What will he be curious about this time?

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21 November, 2020
Taipei's hot springs

An exploration of the hot springs on Taipei's doorstep.

14 November, 2020
The first school in the north

Retired local teacher Chang Jen-fu, joins us for a tour of northern Taiwan's oldest school, now over 250 years old.

07 November, 2020
Curious John - 2020-11-07
07 November, 2020
Vy Pham: Vietnamese radio host and actress

This week, I interview my friend, the RTI Vietnamese Service's Vy Pham about Taiwan's sizable Vietnamese community, about how she came to Taiwan and RTI, and about her other life as a TV star.

31 October, 2020
A Burmese immigrant's story

When Chang Li-ying immigrated to Taiwan to marry her Taiwanese husband, her days as a Burmese flight attendant were over, and her days were filled with caring for her growing family. It seemed that bringing up her children was the main thing life would have in store for her from then on. But she came to Taiwan at an interesting time for immigrants from Southeast Asia like herself. In recent years, Southeast Asians, whether immigrants, spouses, workers, or students, have taken to the spotlight. From the parents bearing the next generation of Taiwanese children to migrant workers who keep Taiwan running, people from the countries of Southeast Asia have shown how indispensable they are to Taiwan, and the government, for its part, has made paying attention to our southern neighbors a matter of official policy. Amid this shift in Taiwan’s society, Ms. Chang unexpectedly found her new calling. She joins us today to talk about her work as an elementary school Burmese language teacher and her volunteer position as a translator for the National Immigration Agency. She’ll also share the work she’s put into raising her Taiwan-born children the Burmese way.

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