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Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.

What's On

28 November, 2022
New flavors of drinks

On Jukebox Republic, learn about how Taiwan researchers are looking for more interesting, unique drinks for the ubiquitous drink shops around the coun ...more

21 November, 2022
An upgrade

On Jukebox Repubic, learn about how the city-wide bike rental service in Taipei will be upgraded and become greener. ...more

14 November, 2022
Ivan Yanakov

For a change, Jukebox Republic this week features renowned concert pianist from Bulgaria, Ivan Yanakov. He shares with us recorded works of Chopin, Li ...more

07 November, 2022
Kids need new vaccine

In the past week, health experts are calling kids under the age of 18 to get new COVID vaccine because of yet another new Omicron subvariant. The COVI ...more

31 October, 2022
NTU trademark

A talk about the National Taiwan University suing a cram school for using its name on the basis of trademark infringement, on Jukebox Republic. ...more

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