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Jukebox Republic

Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.

What's On

26 July, 2021
Got the jab!

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley talks about her whole COVID-19 vaccination ordeal.

19 July, 2021
Dare to venture out

On Jukebox Republic. Shirley Lin gives an update on what places are reopened with eased restrictions in Taiwan and how the turnout has been while still under Level 3 alert.

12 July, 2021
Get to go to the movies again!

Shirley Lin talks about some of the relaxed COVID restrictions as Taiwan extends its soft lockdown for another two weeks, on Jukebox Republic.

05 July, 2021
Speed up vaccination

Shirley Lin talks about an advice from Taiwan's former Vice President Chen Chien-jen why it's important to get vaccinated as soon as possible, on Jukebox Republic.

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