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22 October, 2021
Stronger ties between the EU and Taiwan

It's a historic moment. The EU Parliament has passed its first ever report calling for stronger ties with Taiwan.

15 October, 2021
US Troops in Taiwan?

The Wall Street journal says US troops are in Taiwan? Natalie talks to military strategist Alexander Huang about what that means.

01 October, 2021
Chocolate Diplomacy

Lithuanian products are selling out across Taiwan, as people show their gratitude for Lithuania’s decision to host a Taiwanese Representative Office. But what is there to buy? Natalie and new RTI host Emma Benack head to a Lithuanian chocolate store to find out for themselves.

24 September, 2021
Freedom Fruit

It’s happened again: China has banned imports of fruits from Taiwan. In March, Taiwan woke up to news of an embargo on pineapples. Now, it’s the turn of the wax apple and sugar apple. Find out how Taiwan is responding to the new Chinese restrictions in this week’s episode of Taiwan Insider.

23 September, 2021
Freedom Fruit

Find out how Taiwan is facing the new Chinese ban on its wax apples and sugar apples in this episode of Taiwan Insider.

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