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20 November, 2020
Why Biden will support Taiwan: Interview

Washington insider Derek Mitchell was a top Pentagon official on Asia policy in the Obama administration. He gives insight into how the Biden administration will deal with China and Taiwan. As president of the National Democratic Institute, he also shares how Taiwan’s  democracy and fight against disinformation inspired them to produce the documentary Canary in a Digital Coal Mine.

13 November, 2020
Highlights - 2020-11-13
06 November, 2020
Overseas Americans: What do you think?

[Does living in Taiwan affect how you vote in the US?]

30 October, 2020
Could China attack Taiwan soon?: Interview

As China has been making unprecedented military maneuvers in Taiwan’s air space and waters, is China preparing to attack Taiwan? Defense expert at the Institute of National Defense and Security Research in Taipei Dr. Lee Che-chuan explains why he doesn’t think China is ready for war.

23 October, 2020
Pro-Taiwan Legislation

[US would have to defend Taiwan if China attacks]

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