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 A weekly rundown of some of the most interesting reports brought to you by RTI. Watch along on Youtube if you like, or close your eyes and enjoy these stories by way of sound.



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What's On

24 October, 2021
Taiwan's exoskeleton suit

Learn about the defense ministry's new powered exoskeleton suit and much more in today's news.

17 October, 2021
Shining on National Day

Hear about President Tsai Ing-wen's speech and how Taiwan's free spirit shined on National Day in this News Playlist.

09 October, 2021
Ready to celebrate

Taiwan is ready to celebrate. Here about the festivities approaching National Day and how Taiwan is loosening restrictions in this week's News Playlist.

03 October, 2021
National Day rehearsal

The Air Force is getting ready for its flyover during the National Day Celebrations on October 10. Those stories and more in News Playlist.

02 October, 2021
National Day rehearsal

Hear about the National Day rehearsals and more in today's News Playlist.

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