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Hashtag Taiwan

Hashtag Taiwan 

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18 October, 2022
Elon Musk's take on Taiwan

Leslie reviews Elon Musk's take on Taiwan in this week's Hashtag Taiwan. ...more

11 October, 2022
Who Loves China?: #Taiwan

[Why did Taiwanese celebrities celebrate China’s national day?] October 1 was China’s national day. At midnight that day, China state-run televisio ...more

04 October, 2022
Hashtag Taiwan

2022-10-04 ...more

27 September, 2022
The Taitung 2022 Earthquakes

[Hit days before Taiwan’s National Disaster Prevention Day] Over the weekend, Taiwan experienced over 100 earthquakes. Among them were two major tr ...more

20 September, 2022
Flagged Down

[Beauty queen denied appearance over flag] Maggie Kao is representing Taiwan at the Miss Asia Global competition in Penang, Malaysia. But, earlier ...more

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