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Just the Classics

Taiwan is a nation that treasures its musical classics. In this program, RTI gives you a weekly look into some aspect of Taiwan’s musical heritage—from traditional tunes and soaring symphonies to the golden oldies of decades past. Hear folk songs, works for Chinese orchestras, and of course, the old hits everyone here still knows how to belt out today. 





Photo: Chanhan Lee, Unsplash

What's On

27 October, 2021
Tarcy Su 蘇慧倫

Tarcy Su rose to fame in the pop scene in the 1990s when she was just 20 years old... 30 years later, her music is making a comeback. ...more

20 October, 2021
Irene Yeh

Irene Yeh made her first major public appearance in a coffee commercial in 1985, and the next year won the Golden Voice Award for best new artist. Che ...more

13 October, 2021
Yao Su-jung 姚蘇蓉

Yao Su-jung rose to fame as one of the first Taiwanese artists breaking into Mando-pop in the 1960s. She recorded many love songs that became hits... ...more

06 October, 2021
Michelle Pan

Michelle Pan lost both her parents at the young age of 17 - while tragic, this loss pushed her to be independent and find a way to use her passion and ...more

29 September, 2021
Queen of Taiwanese pop

On Just the Classics, you get to hear a medley of ballads and folk songs from the retired and one of the best female singers of the Taiwanese language ...more

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