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Just the Classics

Taiwan is a nation that treasures its musical classics. In this program, RTI gives you a weekly look into some aspect of Taiwan’s musical heritage—from traditional tunes and soaring symphonies to the golden oldies of decades past. Hear folk songs, works for Chinese orchestras, and of course, the old hits everyone here still knows how to belt out today. 





Photo: Chanhan Lee, Unsplash

What's On

28 July, 2021
Just the Classics: Lala Hsu

Staś Butler introduces listeners to the music of Taiwanese popstar Lala Hsu.

21 July, 2021
Huang Hsiao-hu

On this program, we’ve featured a lot of artists who’ve made their name through big blow-out concerts and extravagant music videos. Today, though, we’re going to look instead at a classic Taiwanese artist who’s built up a career through performances in much more intimate settings. She has a deep, husky, and mellow voice that’s instantly recognizable, and a string of hits going back thirty years now. This is Huang Hsiao-hu, the stage name of singer Huang Chun-feng, but you might also hear her referred to by her other nickname: “The Queen of the Pub”.

14 July, 2021
Cantopop star of the 80s

Just the Classics this week features the multi-talented musical side of Hong Kong's well respected Cantopop singer, Sandy Lam.

30 June, 2021

Sodagreen, a local Taiwanese band, was founded in 2001. The band has been pretty active in Taiwan’s music scene since 2004, save for a three-year hiatus between 2017 and 2020.

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