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29 May, 2023
News - 2023-05-29

2023-05-29 ...more

26 May, 2023
Tsai: talks to revive cross-strait tourism in progress

President Tsai Ing-wen says the Transportation Ministry is currently discussing plans to revive cross-strait tourism and will make a public announceme ...more

25 May, 2023
Paraguay to keep relations with Taiwan, F-16 delays, and heavy rainfall relieves drought.

Outgoing Paraguayan president says the country can increase trade with China without abandoning Taiwan; the defense ministry says that the delivery of ...more

24 May, 2023
News - 2023-05-24

2023-05-24 ...more

23 May, 2023
Foreign Ministry: China cannot represent Taiwan’s people in WHO

The Foreign Ministry says only Taiwan’s democratically elected government can represent its people in the WHO. The ministry spoke on Tuesday in respon ...more

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