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With its world-beating manufacturing industry and leading research centers, Taiwan is at the very centre of the world of science and technology. Staś Butler is here to take you through what’s new, and exactly what it means for you.

What's On

15 May, 2022
Fluv's Expansion Plan

Staś continues his conversation with Candace Chen, the founder and CEO of Fluv, a Taiwanese pet sitting startup. He asks her why Taiwan, and next, the Phil ...more

08 May, 2022
Pet Sitting and the Gig Economy

Staś speaks to Candace Chen, the founder and CEO of Fluv, a Taiwanese pet sitting startup that aims to conquer the Asian market. Why is the pandemic boosting he ...more

01 May, 2022
Body Cameras from Taiwan

Staś speaks to the team at RT Stream International, which has developed an integrated body camera system that is already used by firefighters, police and r ...more

24 April, 2022
Airbnb for Motorbikes

Staś speaks to Charlie Lin, the founder of Lockists, a service that he describes as Airbnb for motorbikes. How does it work? And can this kind of ride shar ...more

17 April, 2022
Greenpeace on Taiwan's Net-Zero Ambitions

Staś speaks to Hung Sheng-bang from Greenpeace Taiwan about Taiwan’s plans to reach net-zero carbon by 2050. Is Taiwan doing enough? And if the planet kee ...more

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