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With its world-beating manufacturing industry and leading research centers, Taiwan is at the very centre of the world of science and technology. Staś Butler is here to take you through what’s new, and exactly what it means for you.

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16 April, 2021

Staś Butler talks to Michael Campbell, talented polyglot and founder of edutech company Glossika. His app throws out the textbook and teaches you languages just with pure sentences alone. Where did his method come from? And how is Michael using Glossika to preserve rare languages around the world? Find out in this week's episode of The Download.

09 April, 2021

Staś Butler continues his discussion with Clara Gillispie from the National Bureau of Asian Research. They discuss Taiwan's green ambitions, and the risks posed by the Datan gas terminal development to the environment, the economy and Taiwanese political parties' election ambitions.

02 April, 2021

Staś Butler talks algae, denuclearization and a controversial new gas terminal in the very first episode of The Download, a new show about science and technology in Taiwan. For that, he's joined in the studio by Clara Gillispie from the National Bureau of Asian Research, who knows all there is to know about Taiwan's energy problems.