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With its world-beating manufacturing industry and leading research centers, Taiwan is at the very centre of the world of science and technology. Staś Butler is here to take you through what’s new, and exactly what it means for you.

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18 September, 2022
Taiwan to the Skies

Staś Butler listens back to his favorite moments from the last few months to reveal some of the many ways that Taiwan is looking to the skies for its ...more

11 September, 2022
The Future of LCDs

Staś Butler speaks to Titus Chang from PanelSemi, a startup aiming to usher in a new era of ultrathin, ultraflexible LCD screens. He tells Staś what m ...more

04 September, 2022
Taiwan's Doomed Digital Bill

 Two civil society leaders tell Staś Butler why the government shelved its digital services bill, and how Taiwan can come up with better legislation t ...more

28 August, 2022
Bridging the Education Gap With Tablets

The “Godfather of Taiwan Homeschooling,” Tim Chen, tells Staś Butler how online learning is helping the most disadvantaged groups in Taiwanese society ...more

21 August, 2022
Topic-Based Learning Through Tech

The “godfather of Taiwan homeschooling,” Tim Chen, tells Staś Butler how his teaching philosophy focuses on topic-based learning, and why new technolo ...more

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