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With its world-beating manufacturing industry and leading research centers, Taiwan is at the very centre of the world of science and technology. Staś Butler is here to take you through what’s new, and exactly what it means for you.

What's On

21 May, 2021
The Future of Indoor Farming

Staś Butler speaks to YesHealth Group CCO Jesper Hansen at the company's indoor farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan. They talk about YesHealth's work managing Europe's largest indoor farm in Copenhagen, and how the global trend towards a vegan diet might provide a big opportunity for companies like YesHealth.

14 May, 2021
Reinventing Agriculture with YesHealth

Staś Butler makes a trip to Taiwan's largest vertical farm, run by YesHealth Group in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan. It's an impressive outfit, covering 2500m2 and producing more than a ton of vegetables every single day. Staś gets inside the farm and finds out out how YesHealth manages and finetunes each component of the process - everything from the LED lighting to the nutrient formula fed to the plants.

07 May, 2021
Agromeans: Vertical farming sees the light

Staś Butler meets Chris Wang, the Chief Strategy Officer of agritech startup Agromeans. The company's smart lighting systems are saving energy, cutting costs and improving yield for vertical farms across Taiwan. Staś finds out just how it works, and why Taiwan is leading the world in vertical farming technology.

30 April, 2021
AI Earthquake Warnings with P-Waver

Staś Butler is joined by Dr. Lin Pei-yang. He's the founder of P-Waver, a company specializing in earthquake early warning systems. Their devices can be found all over Taiwan, from the country's schools all the way to its hi-tech semiconductor foundries. Staś finds out how training on twenty years of earthquake data has allowed Lin and P-Waver to predict the size of an earthquake within three seconds of the first vibrations. And Lin answers a key question: is Taiwan ready for its next big earthquake?

23 April, 2021
Glossika and the Future

Staś Butler continues his conversation with Michael Campbell, founder of language learning startup Glossika. They discuss how technology has changed education, Taiwan's ambitions to become bilingual in English and Mandarin, and whether or not machine translation might put Glossika out of business.

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