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Society & Culture Island Adventures

Island Adventures

Take a trip throughout Taiwan's most well-known and hidden gems, from historical sites in the far reaches of the country to new urban hot spots.

What's On

28 May, 2023
Adventures just a bus ride from Taipei

Emma Benack shares some more suggestions for the best day trips in and around Taipei. She talks about visiting the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park ...more

21 May, 2023
Top tips for Taipei day trips

Emma Benack shares some of her favorite places to visit around Taipei and talks with other travel bloggers about their own recommendations. PJ from Th ...more

14 May, 2023
Bucket list: Exploring Taiwan's waters

Emma Benack speaks with fellow RTI host Brendan Wong about his bucket list pertaining to exploring the water and smaller Islands that surround Taiwan. ...more

07 May, 2023
Returning to Taiwan with a new perspective

Emma Benack speaks with fellow RTI host Brendan Wong about how his perspective of Taiwan changed after returning home from studying at an American uni ...more

30 April, 2023
Making Taiwanese art international

In the second half of this interview, Emma Benack speaks with Julie Chou, an artist who has collaborated with the various communities in Taiwan like T ...more

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