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Take a trip throughout Taiwan's most well-known and hidden gems, from historical sites in the far reaches of the country to new urban hot spots.

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10 July, 2022
Taking on Tainan

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan, as well as the original capital of the country. As such, it's full of rich history, and some might say an even ri ...more

03 July, 2022
Discovering tiny islands

Just because some of Taiwan's islands are especially tiny, it doesn't mean they aren't worth a visit! This episode features interviews with travelers ...more

26 June, 2022
The Islands of Taiwan

Taiwan may be an island all on it's own, but there are also many small islands surrounding the country. Each island has its own unique flair and attra ...more

19 June, 2022
Alishan Four Seasons Tea Festival

Francesca Chang, the creator of the travel blog "Attorney on a Journey", talks about how she developed her own platform and continues to find authenti ...more

12 June, 2022
Slow travel through Shuangbin

Meet Francesca Chang, the creator of the travel blog "Attorney on a Journey". Francesca left a toxic work culture as a lawyer in the US and eventually ...more

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