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Take a trip throughout Taiwan's most well-known and hidden gems, from historical sites in the far reaches of the country to new urban hot spots.

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18 September, 2022
From Xiaoliuqiu to Taipei

On the second part of this interview, Lukas Engström, creator of the video blog "Lukas in Taiwan" (外國人介紹台灣) shares more about how he makes his videos, ...more

11 September, 2022
Taking on Teapot Mountain

Lukas Engström is a Swedish Youtuber living in Taiwan who makes videos to help foreigners and Taiwanese discover amazing spots around the island. On t ...more

04 September, 2022
UFOs in Taiwan?

Jay, the creator of the travel blog Orbit Adventure Tours, shares about Taiwan's abandoned UFO village in Wanli, an interesting relic of a failed cons ...more

28 August, 2022
Adventures in Penghu

Emma talks with Jay, the creator of the travel blog Orbit Adventure Tours, about what brought him to Taiwan and how he started his bilingual blog. Jay ...more

21 August, 2022
Making Taiwan's trails more English accessible

In the second half of this interview, Emma speaks with Anusha Lee, the creator of the blog "Taiwan Hikes" about the biggest rewards and challenges of ...more

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