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Climate Crunch

It’s the topic everyone’s talking about - the climate crisis. Climate Crunch is here to give you a closer look into how Taiwan is tackling this ever-growing issue, from the grassroots to the highest levels of politics and policy.

What's On

03 July, 2022
Taiwan's Endangered Species

Taiwan is home to a wide range of different animals, but not all of them will be around forever. Thanks to manmade environmental changes, many of these creature ...more

26 June, 2022
Driving the Shift to Electric Cars

One of the biggest talking points surrounding green living is electric cars. Most car companies around the world are increasing the number of electric cars in t ...more

19 June, 2022
The Life of Plastic

Have you ever wondered what happens to your plastic after you recycle it? Turns out, Taiwan actually has a relatively strong track record on plastic recycling, ...more

12 June, 2022
The Economics of Climate Change

Shifting towards a green economy looks expensive up front. As countries move away from cheap fossil fuels to renewable energies with expensive upfront costs, it ...more

05 June, 2022
Taiwan's History with Butterflies

Taiwan is a place with an extreme wealth of biodiversity. Thanks to its climate that ranges from subtropical to tropical, its mountainous areas, beaches and for ...more

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