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It’s the topic everyone’s talking about - the climate crisis. Climate Crunch is here to give you a closer look into how Taiwan is tackling this ever-growing issue, from the grassroots to the highest levels of politics and policy.

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28 November, 2021
COVID-19 and Taiwan's Climate Response

The climate crisis and the COVID-19 crisis are two global issues that have got a lot of attention in the last two years. The relationship between them however is something that is often overlooked. As Taiwan continues its battles against both issues, perhaps they could both help inform each other.

21 November, 2021
Michelle Wu's Green New Deal

Michelle Wu made waves when she was elected to be Boston’s mayor earlier this month. She won over 60% of the vote, and did so as a 36 year old daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. Wu ran on a platform that focused on issues such as affordable housing but also on a city-wide Green New Deal. Many are now calling her America’s first Climate Mayor and all eyes are on her after she took office on November 16th. Harrison Kaye reports.

14 November, 2021
Taiwanese Efforts Against Climate Change

All over the world, people are being encouraged to change their daily behaviours and do their part to fight climate change. Since coming to Taipei from the UK, I was quite surprised to see what that looks like here in Taiwan. This week I’ll be taking a look at the unique ways in which Taiwanese people are doing their bit.

07 November, 2021
Taiwan's Role in COP26

This week, Harrison Kaye kicks things off with a special look at the most important climate change event of the year, the COP26 conference, how Taiwan is responding to it, and Taiwan’s potential role in the global fight against climate change.