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Variety Taiwan Exclusive

Taiwan Exclusive

Tune into Taiwan Exclusive with Shirley Lin to discover the food, trends, products and more that's exclusive to Taiwan!

What's On

30 July, 2022
Pet strollers

On Taiwan Exclusive, Shirley Lin talks about the growing popularity of pet strollers among Taiwan's dog lovers. (repeated program) ...more

23 July, 2022
Go to doctors for everything

On Taiwan Exclusive this week, Shirley Lin talks about how Taiwanese people like seeing the doctor for everything, even a simple cold. That's because ...more

16 July, 2022
The trash truck is here

On this week's Taiwan Exclusive, it's time to find out what are the popular pieces of music garbage trucks in Taiwan play. (repeated program) ...more

09 July, 2022
How convenient are convenience stores?

On this week's Taiwan Exclusive, Shirley Lin talks about the array of services and items on offer only in Taiwan's convenience stores. (repeated progr ...more

02 July, 2022
Need your window screens fixed?

In Taiwan, you get workers who drive trucks up and down streets and alleys loudly advertising their window screen fixing services. This kind of servic ...more

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