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Tomasz Koper brings you a weekly show on digital art and entertainment in Taiwan. Topics range from video games, to extended reality, electronic music, and even visual arts — a garden of nerdy delights.

What's On

27 November, 2022
digitaiwan: Number comes down (FTX collapse)

In this episode of digitaiwan, Tomasz discusses one of the collapse of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX. What does that mean for Taiwa ...more

20 November, 2022
digitaiwan: This isn't even his final form

In this episode of digitaiwan, Tomasz talks to Eleo, a Swiss Pokemon Go's player based in Japan, about the game's ability to people together, as well ...more

13 November, 2022
digitaiwan: Pokémon GO's older sybling

In this week's episode of digitaiwan, Eleo, a Pokémon hunter from Switzerland, tells Tomasz about a recent game event in Taipei and Pokémon GO's older ...more

06 November, 2022
digitaiwan: How far will you go for a Pokémon?

In this week's episode of digitaiwan, Tomasz discovers, to his great surprise, that the AR game Pokémon Go is alive and kicking. He learns this from E ...more

30 October, 2022
digitaiwan: Famiclones

In this week's edition of digitaiwan, Tomasz takes a look at a fascinating bit of Taiwan's history, with a Polish connection. What do plumbers, pirate ...more

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