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Tomasz Koper brings you a weekly show on digital art and entertainment in Taiwan. Topics range from video games, to extended reality, electronic music, and even visual arts — a garden of nerdy delights.

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17 July, 2022
digitaiwan: 3D screens vs. the future

In the third and final part of his interview with Jane Hsu, Tomasz asks about SpatialLabs' future plans and how the 3D screen fits into developing eco ...more

10 July, 2022
digitaiwan: Who could use a 3D screen?

In this week's digitaiwan, Tomasz asks Jane Hsu, the Head of Business Development at Acer's SpatialLabs, about possible applications and potential use ...more

03 July, 2022
digitaiwan: 3D screens without glasses

In this week's digitaiwan, Tomasz talks to Jane Hsu, Head of Business Developmet at Acer's SpatialLabs about the company's new 3D display technology, ...more

26 June, 2022
digitaiwan: Women in streaming

In this week's digitaiwan, Tomasz concludes his conversation with Hedy, a Taiwanese streamer, YouTuber, artist, writer, and cosplayer. They talk about ...more

19 June, 2022
digitaiwan: Can streaming support you?

In this week's episode of digitaiwan Tomasz and Hedy, a full-time streamer, cosplayer, and YouTuber, discuss the economic side of streaming. Is it eno ...more

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