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Society & Culture On the Edge

On the Edge

A look at the stories from the margins of Taiwanese society.

What's On

25 March, 2023
Episode 34: Christianity and Indigenous

I speak with Professor Scott Simon about the history of Christianity in Taiwan. ...more

18 March, 2023
Episode 32: Foreigners working in Taiwan

I speak to John Murn from the non-profit All Hands Taiwan about why it's hard for Taiwan to attract foreign talent. ...more

11 March, 2023
Episode 31: Transitional Justice in Taiwan Part 2

Part two of my interview with Waseda University Professor Arata Hirai on transitional justice in Taiwan. ...more

04 March, 2023
Episode 30: Transitional Justice

I speak with Waseda University Professor Arata Hirai about Taiwan's transitional justice process. ...more

18 February, 2023
Episode 28: Yoku Walis raps and the future of Indigenous languages

The first part of my interview with Lingnan University Professor Darryl Sterk on his article on Taiwanese Seediq artist Yoku Walis and her translated ...more

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