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A look at the stories from the margins of Taiwanese society.

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03 December, 2022
Episode 18: Early Taiwanese labor movement pt. 3

I speak to doctoral student Chiang Kuo-yu about the divides within the labor movement and the eventual demise of the left. ...more

26 November, 2022
Episode 17: Early Taiwanese labor movement, part 2

The second part of my conversation with doctoral student Chiang Kuo-yu on Taiwan's early labor movement. ...more

19 November, 2022
Episode 16: Youth Democracy

Taiwanese voters will decide on a constitutional amendment in this month's elections for the first time in history.  ...more

12 November, 2022
Episode 15: Have the Siraya won?

In late October the Siraya won their case before Taiwan's constitutional court. But their struggle is far from over. ...more

05 November, 2022
Episode 14: Island-wide strike

The first of a multi-part conversation on the early Taiwanese labor movement with scholar at University of Edinburgh Chiang Kuo-yu. ...more

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