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Society & Culture Come Along!

Come Along!

Come Along!

Let’s kick off Monday with arts and culture related stories of Taiwan and beyond. Ready to have a taste of Taiwan's culture, festivals, travel destinations, or local life in Taiwan? Come along!


What's On

19 February, 2024
When we have awareness, it helps us build empathy ft. Jason Hsu

Today, I’m bringing you part 2 of my interview with Jason Hsu, founder of Switch Taipei, a group that's dedicated to creating a LGBTQAI+ friendly comm ...more

12 February, 2024
Leader? Follower? - You define the role! ft. Jason Hsu of Switch Taipei

Picture a partner dance. What image would you think of? Who is usually the leader or follower in the dance Lindy Hop, for example? Today, we have Jaso ...more

05 February, 2024
The Finnish translation of Ghost Town is finished ft. Kevin Chen

Welcome to part 2 of my interview with Taiwanese writer, the one and only, Kevin Chen (陳思宏). Where does Kevin usually write? What is his writing proce ...more

29 January, 2024
As Taiwanese, we grew up with a lot of “ghosts” (鬼) ft. Kevin Chen

Have you heard of the book Ghost Town (鬼地方), written by Taiwanese writer Kevin Chen (陳思宏)?If you haven't, put this book and this writer on your radar. ...more

22 January, 2024
See you at the Taiwan Pavilion in Venice! ft. Abby Chen

The Taiwan Pavilion at the upcoming 2024 Venice Biennale is going to be fantastic. People of the world, you should not miss it. Today, here’s part 2 o ...more

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