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RtiFM Online: Come Along!

Come Along!

Let’s kick off Monday with arts and culture related stories of Taiwan and beyond. Ready to learn more about some of your favorite festivals, travel destinations, or looking to have a taste of local life in Taiwan? Come along!


What's On

29 May, 2023
Meet Renaissance dance master Ozan Karagöz (Part 2)

Hey you, it’s your host Sharon and we’re back with Renaissance dance master Ozan. Tune in to learn more about the dances in the workshops Ozan hosted ...more

22 May, 2023
Meet Renaissance dance master Ozan Karagöz (Part 1)

Hi there, it’s your host, Sharon Lin. Today we have a very special guest coming all the way from Türkiye. Meet Ozan Karagöz. Ozan is an early music mu ...more

15 May, 2023
Afternoon Girls' Club Feat. Andrea Lin

Hello, it’s Sharon. How was your week? A new one ahead, and we got this! Today, I had the pleasure to chat with Andrea Lin, host of Afternoon Girls’ C ...more

08 May, 2023
Shilin Night Market

Are you ready to go to another night market in Taiwan? We’re heading to Shilin Night Market today! For many Taiwanese people growing up in Taipei, Shi ...more

01 May, 2023

Hey you, it’s your host, Sharon Lin. Today, we’re continuing our chat with artist David Claerbout, who currently has a solo show at the Taipei Fine Ar ...more

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