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Hot Stuff 

Tune in on Tuesday to dive into hot topics that allow for a nuanced view of Taiwanese society. From social issues to popular culture, we’ll be letting you into what’s going on in Taiwan driven by real people and stories.

What's On

20 February, 2024
Abuse and exploitation: the harsh reality for Taiwan's migrant workers ft. Julia Mariano

Migrant workers are an integral part of the workforce in Taiwan, so why are they met with discrimination, exploitation, and even abuse? In today's epi ...more

13 February, 2024
The youth activist championing for migrant workers' rights ft. Julia Mariano

According to the American think tank, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, there are currently around 700,000 migrant laborers in Taiwa ...more

06 February, 2024
The future of the metaverse: Virtual harassment and the neglection of social connections? ft. Sebastien Borget

On today's episode of Hot Stuff, I am joined again by ⁠The Sandbox⁠ COO and Co-founder, Sebastien Borget. If you missed part one, and aren't too sure ...more

30 January, 2024
Welcome to The Sandbox Metaverse: Where culture meets gaming ft. Sebastien Borget

Today's guest on Hot Stuff is ⁠The Sandbox⁠ COO and Co-founder, Sebastien Borget. The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and mon ...more

23 January, 2024
Unaffordable housing and low wages: Are prospects for Taiwan's youth looking gloomier than ever? ft. Rex How

Today I will be bringing you the final part of my interview with Rex How. Rex has had a very successful career in publishing, founding Locus Publishin ...more

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