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Hot Stuff 

Tune in on Tuesday to dive into current topics that allow for a nuanced view of Taiwanese society. From social issues to popular culture, we’ll be letting you into what’s going on in Taiwan driven by real people and stories.

What's On

18 April, 2023
A-Hôa on what it means to be Formosan

For today's episode of Hot Stuff you can listen to part 2 of my interview with language activist A-Hôa. We talk more about what it means to be Formosa ...more

11 April, 2023
A-Hôa on why he chooses not to speak Chinese

In today's epsiode of Hot Stuff I am joined by A-Hôa! A-Hôa continues to be outspoken about the importance of speaking and preserving the Taiwanese la ...more

04 April, 2023
A'ióng on the complex history of Taiwanese

Today, I will be bringing you part 2 of my interview with Youtuber, A'ióng (阿勇). In this episode, we discuss the important and complex history of the ...more

28 March, 2023
A'ióng on the challenges of learning Taiwanese

For today's episode of Hot Stuff, I am joined by A'ióng (阿勇) whom you may recognise from his YouTube channel, A'ióng Tâigí (阿勇台語). Through his videos, ...more

21 March, 2023
Anni on being a content creator

Today I'm bringing you part 2 of my interview with lifestyle content creator Anni, or as she is also known, strawbanni. In this episode we get down to ...more

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