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RtiFM Online: That's Debatable

That’s Debatable

Do you have moments when chatting with friends on certain topics and thinking “Hmm…That’s Debatable!” We sure do. Allow us to bring you different takes on debatable topics - big or small. Get a comfort food or drink of your choice. You might need it!

What's On

24 May, 2023
Misconceptions about Snakes Feat. Hans Breuer  (Part 1)

Are you scared of snakes? If so, why? Is it because of how they look? And some are venomous? Snakes are probably one of the most misunderstood animals ...more

17 May, 2023
Studying Abroad Feat. Kimberly Chang

Hey you, it’s your host, Sharon Lin. Today joining me is my good friend, Kimberly Chang. Have you thought about studying abroad? Have you noticed why ...more

10 May, 2023
English Education and the Bilingual 2030 policy in Taiwan (Part 2)

Hi there, it’s your host Sharon Lin. Welcome back to That’s Debatable.Today, my guest Kimberly and I are continuing our discussion on Taiwan’s educati ...more

03 May, 2023
English Education and the Bilingual 2030 policy in Taiwan (Part 1)

Have you wondered what English education, and education in general is like in Taiwan? Today, I (This is Sharon writing, hi there.) invited a guest, Ki ...more

26 April, 2023
Working freelance is not what you think (Part 2)

Hello, it’s your host Sharon Lin. Today we’re continuing our discussion on working freelance with our wonderful guest Eilleen. Go listen to part 1 if ...more

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