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That's Debatable

That’s Debatable

On That's Debatable, we will be talking about debatable topics of all shapes and sizes, exchanging ideas, and having conversations about what some might deem too “controversial”or "too much" to talk about, for whatever reasons. We will talk about them! We're here to open up the conversation, bust some stereotypes, invite diverse input, and encourage one another to expand our understanding on featured topics. Get a comfort food or drink of your choice. You might need it! And don't forget to stay open and be kind.



What's On

28 February, 2024
Poorly-designed sidewalks, being a foreigner, and racism in Taiwan

This is part 2 of the chat with my colleague, or former colleague, Chris Gorin, who recently left Rti. Today we touched on more of what we hope Taiwan ...more

21 February, 2024
Voting, taxes, and road safety in Taiwan

Join Chris and Sharon today on That’s Debatable as we chat about improvements we hope to see regarding life in Taiwan. Today we’ll chat about voting, ...more

14 February, 2024
Doctor: “You need your husband’s permission.” “I don’t know. Don’t have sex.” - our obgyn experiences

This is part 2 where Amanda and Michelle joined me in the studio to talk about sex education and our personal experiences going to an obgyn. We need t ...more

07 February, 2024
“What if your future husband is displeased?” - our obgyn experiences

For today’s episode I was joined by our wonderful fellow hosts, Amanda and Michelle, to talk about sex education and our experiences going to the gyne ...more

31 January, 2024
On showing vulnerability, empathy, and solidarity

"What is a fact in Arabic is debatable in English, contentious. Thing is, I couldn't care less. Say evict & I'll still say theft."  Those are the w ...more

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