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RtiFM Online: That's Debatable

That’s Debatable

Do you have moments when chatting with friends on certain topics and thinking “Hmm…That’s Debatable!” We sure do. Allow us to bring you different takes on debatable topics - big or small. Get a comfort food or drink of your choice. You might need it!

What's On

19 April, 2023
Working freelance is not what you think (Part 1)

Have you thought about working freelance? Or do you already have experience working as a freelancer before? Today, host Sharon and guest Eilleen, who ...more

12 April, 2023
To fart or not to fart

It’s fair to say that in almost all cultures, passing gas, farting, is considered embarrassing, distasteful, and well, not cute.  And people find it ...more

05 April, 2023
Is ASMR weird?  Feat. Andrea Lin

Have you ever heard of the term ASMR? It stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, and it’s describing a tingling, relaxing sensation in resp ...more

29 March, 2023
We should all learn about Taiwan's history. Feat. Phaedra Fang

A shared experience of many people growing up in Taiwan is that there is much space for improvement when it comes to our history education. Why do s ...more

22 March, 2023
Cats vs Dogs

The ultimate debate. Say no more. Bring it on.  ...more

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