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RtiFM Online: That's Debatable

That’s Debatable

Do you have moments when chatting with friends on certain topics and thinking “Hmm…That’s Debatable!” We sure do. Allow us to bring you different takes on debatable topics - big or small. Get a comfort food or drink of your choice. You might need it!

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15 March, 2023
Sure, I’ll pay my bills with the “exposure” I get

Do you remember, or picture, the moment you feel that you’re an adult? The first time you start an internship? First time you got a part time job? The ...more

08 March, 2023
Taiwanese Food is Bland? Feat. Itamar Waksman

Hot take alert. According to my wonderful colleague, Itamar, also known as the “hot take machine” in the office, Taiwanese food is, kind of meh…? Wh ...more

01 March, 2023

Have you ever shared space with others? It could be roommates, housemates, families, partners, etc. Or are you in this situation now? When you share t ...more

22 February, 2023
Is New York City Overrated? Feat. Emma Benack

Ah...New York City. This City is so-well known and much written about. You could probably name (and sing) at least one song about New York City. For m ...more

15 February, 2023
Do New Year's resolutions really work?

Welcome to the year 2023. It’s another new year. Some people make New Year’s resolutions every year. Some not only do so, but also post their lists on ...more

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