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Voices Geek Out!

Geek Out!

Geek Out!

What’s your cup of tea, tickles your fancy, or floats your boat?  Join Michelle and guests as we share passions from people in Taiwan and around the world!

What's On

28 September, 2023
Julie Kawamura on Hawaii

Julie and Max are back for another episode!  This time we chat about one of Michelle's favorite places and where Julie was born and raised, Hawaii!  L ...more

21 September, 2023
Max McCurdy on Tea

*ASMR WARNING*  Max and Julie join us in the studio to discuss his Chinese tea experience, and yes, we drink it!  Come listen to Max explain which tea ...more

14 September, 2023
Michelle Chiang on being a Jack of All Trades

Sharon Lin takes the helm as host on this very special episode featuring Michelle's geeky interests!  Find out why she started this show and learn abo ...more

07 September, 2023
Jared Friesen & Amanda Stephens on *Other* TTRPGs

Jared and Amanda are back in the studio to talk nerdy!  Dungeons and Dragons may be the first step we all took into the world of tabletop role-playing ...more

31 August, 2023
Issy Wells & Sharon Lin just catching up!

It's been a busy few months!  The three FM Online program hosts get together for a chat about how much we love the office, food, and just whatever com ...more

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