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Join us on Friday to jump into a creative whirlwind. Want to know the dramas that have us hooked or the tunes that we’re blaring on the MRT? Music, film, art, and fashion - we’ll uncover all!

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17 March, 2023
Michelle for the win!

It was the 95th Academy Awards this week and the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, picked up a whopping seven Oscars including Best Picture. Eve ...more

10 March, 2023
Tory Turk on her highlights and visions for the future

For today’s episode of Uncovered, I will be bringing you part 2 of my interview with British curator, Tory Turk. Join us as we discuss some of Tory’s ...more

03 March, 2023
Tory Turk on her journey to curation

Tory Turk is an independent curator who specialises in style and popular culture. She has worked on several major exhibitions in the UK including ‘The ...more

24 February, 2023
Sneaker Heaven!

On today's episode of Uncovered, I will be taking you through the exhibition 'Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street' which is currently on at the Chiang ...more

17 February, 2023
Wendy on her artwork, inspirations, and tattoo culture in Taiwan

For today's episode of 'Uncovered,' I had the pleasure of sitting down with Wendy Xie, also known by her artist name as 'Wendy is dead'. Wendy is a Ta ...more

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