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As a Student

How does it feel like to be a student in Taiwan? On As a Student, Wanson, a Taiwanese university student, brings you through all the hottest and most exciting topics on Taiwanese campus. Occasionally, some youngsters will also join him as they discuss their unique learning experiences and how they conquer their challenges in school. 

As a Student broadcasts on shortwave every Sunday and is available on demand, tune in every week to join the chat! 

If you would like to share your own story, please send your words or voice notes to: [email protected], and you might be featured in the next episode!

You can also catch Wanson on Instagram (@wansonscafe) and YouTube (阿善Café/Wanson's Café)

What's On

26 March, 2023
The Love-Hate Relationship with School Lunch in Taiwan

Wanson is joined by his classmate, Daniel, again this week on As a Student. They play a game of guessing the 8 most discussed school lunch ingredients ...more

19 March, 2023
A Typical Graduation Trip in Taiwan

On this week's As a Student, Wanson is joined by his classmate, Daniel. They talk about the recent news regarding Taipei First Girls' High School's gr ...more

10 March, 2023
Arete Honors Program of NYCU

Wanson is joined by Stacy Hua (花湧惠) again this week. They talk about a college programme that allows students to apply without taking the college entr ...more

03 March, 2023
Being a TV Presenter as a Student

This week, Wanson is joined by Stacy Hua (花湧惠), who has been working in the TV industry since her childhood, to talk about her challenges and journey ...more

24 February, 2023
The Start of a New Semester!

In the first episode, Wanson talks about two of the biggest concerns of Taiwanese students at the start of their new semester. He also shares a cool c ...more