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Technically Possible

We’re living in the future! Robotic limbs, the metaverse, controlling the weather, it’s not just science-fiction anymore! Just how far has technology advanced? And what are some of the craziest projects taking place around the world now? We’ll take a look at just how long we have before our robot overlords arrive!

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29 May, 2023
Moon Bases

Way before travel to Mars became the hottest topic in space news, fueled by Elon Musk and the billionaire space-race, dreams of moon bases filled sci ...more

22 May, 2023
Designer Babies

Who doesn’t want to have a long-living, perfectly healthy body, free from genetic disorders and disadvantages? No one wants to live with poor eyesight ...more

15 May, 2023
Altered Reality

The Metaverse - no not facebook’s borrowed ideas of a metaverse, but the VR world where people can do all daily tasks from the comfort of their home - ...more

08 May, 2023
Technically Possible - A.I. - Part 2

Last week we got to the bottom of what all those AI programs really are, how they work, and what they’re actually capable of. Now, with the understand ...more

01 May, 2023
The Truth about A.I. - Part 1

AI is taking over the world. Or at least it’s taking over the headlines all over the world. We’ve all heard about future war against our own creations ...more

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