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Wars, civil rights violations, greed… mainstream news would have you believe that the world is an awful place all of the time. But obviously that can’t be true. Let’s get a different perspective by looking at the good news coming from around the world.


What's On

29 May, 2023
Frugal Zoomers

Seniors fighting climate change while younger generations are becoming more frugal. And lots of people getting a financial boost to help out after Cov ...more

22 May, 2023
World's Oldest Dog

The world’s oldest dog marks another year of life. Just how old is he? Also using magnets to fix the brain, saving people from snow storms and interna ...more

15 May, 2023
Saving Sea Turtles

In Bahia de Kino, Mexico a family that used to make their living fishing in the area has put away their fishing poles to become wildlife conservationi ...more

08 May, 2023
Facetime for Parrots

This week on uplifting news, strip shows for grandmas, facetiming birds and what happens when beer, rap, basketball and art team up. ...more

01 May, 2023
Long Live Everybody

Longer lives for the earth, for people, and for cats are up this week on Uplifting news! Plus ...more

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