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Advice Column Taiwanna Know

Taiwanna Know

Do you have burning questions about Taiwan? Brendan Wong and Emma Benack are here to field listeners’ questions about Taiwan ranging from travel itineraries, cultural confusions, workplace etiquette, language learning tips, and more. Feel free to submit your queries to [email protected] or [email protected], or you can fill out this online form You might see your submission windind up on the show! 

What's On

24 June, 2023
What is the LGBTQ scene like in Taiwan?

In the last episode of Taiwanna hosted by Emma Benack and Brendan Wong, they talk about the LGBTQ scene in Taiwan! Do you have questions about Taiw ...more

17 June, 2023
What to expect at for the Dragon Boat Festival

Emma Benack and Brendan Wong talk about the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, one the of the biggest holidays in Taiwan! They discuss different foods and ...more

10 June, 2023
What do people wear in Taiwan?

Emma Benack and Brendan Wong talk about fashion in Taiwan! Are you curious about what people wear on the streets of Taipei? Tune in to find out more!  ...more

03 June, 2023
How to get a scooter/driver's license

Emma Benack and Brendan Wong talk about how to get a scooter or driver's license in Taiwan. While Taiwan has great public transportation, depending on ...more

27 May, 2023
What to do on a rainy Taipei day

Emma Benack and Brendan Wong share some of their top tips for fun activities to do in Taipei on a cold, rainy day. Just because the weather isn't grea ...more

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