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On the Line is a lively forum where important personages including local and foreign diplomats, policy experts, academics, and government officials, are invited to discuss current events and issues involving Taiwan and the world. On the Line broadcasts worldwide every Sunday (Taiwan Time) and is available on demand.

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24 January, 2021
LOSA promotes educational exchange

Ms.Sibongile Mabasa, Deputy Representative of Liaison Office of South Africa (LOSA) said she has been helping South African students to apply for Taiwanese scholarships. She has been interviewed by local radio stations in South Africa to help South African students better understand the details of the scholarship adding that after the interviews in local languages, they start to receive a lot of enquiries via emails.

17 January, 2021
Ms.Sibongile Mabasa, SA Deputy Rep in Taiwan

Ms.Sibongile Mabasa, Deputy Representative of Liaison Office of South Africa (LOSA0 in Taiwan said she has been promoting South Africa to the Taiwanese even faced with the pandemic. In December 2020, she held 2020 Day for Africa working with Somaliland representative office in Taiwan and other African countries. The event was held in Ximending, one of the most famous venues in Taipei for a diversity of entertainments and activities that attract the young people and tourists. Ms.Sibongile Mabasa has also actively promoted the educational exchanges between Taiwan and South Africa. In 2019, her office invited two groups of SATMA (South African Traditional Music Awards) performers to Taiwan.

10 January, 2021
Palau supports Taiwan’s bid to join WHO

Faced with the coronavirus, Taiwan has been as one of the few countries in the world that has successfully controlled the virus. Taiwan had had no local transmissions for 253 days until the first domestic case was reported on December 22, 2020.Ambassador of Palau to Taiwan, Ambassador Dilmei Louisa Olkeriil said even before the pandemic, she had repeatedly said Taiwan has one of the best health care systems in the world and with the pandemic sweeping across the world, her remark proves to be right again as Taiwan has still been able to keep the community safe from COVID transmission. She said the minister of health of her country has, for years, supported Taiwan’s bid to join the WHO (World Health Organization) adding that Palau has a population of 20,000 only and is a member of the WHO and the representatives of the UN should not leave out any country especially Taiwan with a population of 23 million.

03 January, 2021
How Palau maintains COVID-free?

During the UN General Assembly General Debate on September 23, President Tommy Remenegsau from Palau said the pandemic has put Palau into a level of isolation and they struggle with disruptions to supply chains for food and essential medicines. COVID-19 has disrupted every sector of the society. But economic activities in Palau seem to be quite vibrant because ATMs in Palau once ran out of cash, so how is cash supplied? How has COVID affected Palau? Let’s hear from Ambassador Dilmei Louisa Olkeriil, the Ambassador of Palau in Taiwan.

27 December, 2020
2020 Year in Review

This week’s On the Line features 2020 Year in Review. We take a look back at segments of some of the important interviews that you may have missed in 2020. he year 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us as we suffer from COVID-19 so we begin with a part of the interview with the Superintendent, Changhua Christian Hospital, Dr.Chen Mukuan on how his hospital started to cope with COVID-19 back in 2019 when the first case was detected.

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